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Rhys Lawrey _ Valley of The Gods Utah - Triumph Explorer 1200


First overland adventure ever on the Triumph Explorer over 3,500 Miles

New York to LA via Valley of the Gods

Content Material Production for new Triumph Explorer Launch

After riding around the world, what else could I do after achieving such a grand trip! After just 5 months of being from travelling around the world, I set off again this time for just small 3 weeks. 
Arriving in New York on the 5th December 2015, I rode on the never ridden overland or seen before brand new Triumph Explorer and ride across the States, approximately 3,500 miles to Los Angeles via some of Americas great landscape it has to offer. 

This was a trip which was hidden under wraps with the new bike launch, hence nothing on the blogger and traveller @2moroRider social media sites. This trip needed to be done by a deadline for the launch of the new bike, to create enroute footage and material all solo and unsupported until Utah where Triumph media and camera team joined to create their photos and videos. Just like the main image above on this page, you may have seen in many Triumph Dealers around the world. It is myself with the new Explorer overlooking the horizon in Valley of the Gods in Utah. Being December, it gave it more like a Christmas card look. Just stunning!

The Route

Photos & Videos

Part 1 - USA here I come

Part 2 - The Southwest of USA

Part 3 - The Triumph Explorer in Action

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